6 August 2013

Thank You

This one is special to one of my friends that I've promise to write about it.

I want to say thank you because you were there when I need you. You were such a good friend. You sincerely help me.Making things easier for me.Giving me the strength to overcome my problem and also my weakness. You were there when I fell down. You actually help me a lot.  I know this ain't enough to say thank you,but you help me a lot.

Thank you so much.

3 August 2013

Practice Make Perfect

This phrase has often use by people trying to inspire other people.  When you are trying to do something new or even just trying to get better at something you do like playing football,this phrase will be really effective.Well you already know what it mean anyway,but I'm just going to elaborate a little more.

Whenever you're trying to better at something,there only one thing you can, that is practice. Never stops.eventually you will improve and get better on the things that you do. So,this where the phrase come.'Practice Make Perfect'.So,never stop trying,practicing and believing. that you can do it. Be consistent. Don't listen to the critics.  Believe and have trust in yourself.It would take time,but the time that you spent will pay off so you need to be  patient. Also,eager to improve.

Just a motivation. Thanks for reading

7 July 2013

Top And Bottom

Top and bottom. It's a way of life. Going top is nor easy,so as staying at the bottom.

It's like  a wheel.When you are at the top,there's time you will go down but if you are at the bottom,you will feel the being top,but not that easy. When you are at the top there,don't think you are the best,thinking you will stay forever.No.I'm sorry.You are wrong.Being top there doesn't mean you are the best neither staying there forever.At one point,the wheel will turn and you will feel what's like to be at the bottom

Being down doesn't mean you are the worst.No,it's a test to see have you got what it takes to go up. Never think you are the loser,don't.It will even hurt you.Make it as a motivation to go further up then to the top,but when you are the top,never think you are the best.Just keep you hard work to stay there.

The conclusion is,people at the top,don't go over confidence but for the people at the bottom,don't lose your confidence.

It's just a short reminder,to you all and me.

31 May 2013

Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park

The 2 weeks holiday has started. So,mum and dad decided to go on a holiday for 3 days.So,the first destination was Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park which is located at my dad's hometown,Perak. Well, it was the first day of the holiday,that was Friday,24th of May. A scenario before we left house was that the night before Friday,I were told that we would leave in the morning 7 a.m but I thought that we are leaving at night,so,I didn't pack my stuff yet then in the Friday morning, I woke up then were told to hurry up as we were set to leave soon and I was like "no, I haven't pack anything yet". Then,I was in a rush but luckily,I finished packing within 15 minutes.

Okay,stop with the story of my clumsiness, So,according to the Google map,from my house to Sungai Klah take about 1 hour and 49 minutes. We left our house probably around 7.30 a.m.While in the car,I only had one thing to do,sleep. Then around 8.30 a.m,we stopped at the R&R to eat breakfast. As a typical Malaysian people,I chose nasi lemak as my breakfast. Then after 1 hour eating and resting,we get back on our journey to Sungai Klah. It was 10 a.m when we arrived at the venue. As soon as we arrived,we took our stuff and go to the counter to buy the tickets to enter to Hot Spring Park. As we about to enter it, again,my clumsiness is shown here. I forgot to bring my swimming cloth as I left my cloth in the car. Face palm. the,I quickly go to get my cloth. Then,we entered. Was a little bit disappointing,less than expected. There's 2 side, the Hot Spring Park and the swimming pool. Go to the swimming park straight after changing cloth.After about 30 minutes in the swimming pool,we went to the hot spring section.The hot spring are separated according to the temperature,probably the lowest temperature was 35 C but it was a small hot spring. Never mind,it was hot when you first enter the hot spring but after awhile when you have adapt to the temperature,then you are fine. We were told not to stay in the hot spring for more than 15 minutes. After 30 minutes spent in the hot spring section, we went back to the swimming pool. Than probably about 12.45,we stopped and change cloth to go the mosque for Friday prayer.Then,2.15 after the Friday prayer, we continue our journey to second destination that is,Cameron Highland.

27 May 2013


The event that was like living in hell has finished, fuihhh, I'm glad it has finish before my head will explode,especially after to have study lot of things,so glad to be given 2 weeks holiday to release stress. I think I have done alright as it was my first time in probably 3 years since I last have an exam. I was a bit worried but never mind,I try my best and it was only the mid-term exam as a warm up to the last-term exam.
So,after holidays,result are waiting for us like zombie looking for brain,hmm,I'm worried about my result but I hope for the best and last but not least,have a nice and a happy holiday.

14 April 2013

My Mission

I'm on a mission to prove the world that I can do it. People will keep criticizing you,but never stop. So,what is the mission really about?

My mission is to be a worldwide known  professional footballer.I know some of you are already laughing. Usually when teacher ask the question "what is your ambition?" Normal people would say "lawyer" "doctor" "engineer" but then when it comes to me,my mouth just want to say "footballer" but then I know,the whole class will laugh at me.So,most of the time,I fake it,telling the teacher that I want to be a scientist. Haha,me,being a scientist? please....

Well,I really want to be a footballer because simply just because I love football,but I'm not just doing it for myself but also for my pride,family and country. Maybe i'm not the best,but I'm trying to be one.The 'Hall Of Fame' song always inspire me. I admitted that,5 or 6 years ago,even I think I can't achieve,but after seeing Nazmi Faiz playing/joining the Portuguese top club just at the age of 17,then I say",not only just him can do it,we all can do it."

So,like I said before,I'm on a mission and in a mission,there's a goal to achieve.My goal,simple,wearing a Malaysia national kit while singing the national anthem and playing somewhere in Europe.Maybe lot's of you say I'm insane. But,do what you want to do,don't listen to the critics.

30 March 2013

The End

Yes,you read it right,one week holiday is nearly coming to the end. Tomorrow(31st of March) is the last day.Well,it's time to pack your stuff and finish up your homework,if you haven't done it yet(yeahh,we are on the same side lah bro). I like to enjoy my holiday first,then do my homework. So,I think I have to do my homework so no staying up late anymore and maybe I won't even going to surf the internet. So, we,students will be going back to school.Huh,I guess my handwriting will get worse and worse.

Well,that's all from me.Hope you have enjoy your holiday,and welcome back to school!!!!!

27 March 2013

Be Happy

You don't live forever,so,there's no reason to be moody or sad or whatever,just be happy,trust me,do what you want as long it does not in violation of law and based on religious law.

Well,I choose this as a topic because simply I'm in a one week school holiday,yeahh.. well,to my other fellow friends, just enjoy your holiday,just like I do,well,ti make it's even better when there's no homework but unfortunately, I do,well,only got time to have fun until Saturday,will be busy on Sunday night doing my homework.So,yeah,the main point,doesn't matter if you're in a holiday or whatever,at any situation,anywhere,just be happy.That's the main point.

So,yeah,never stop being happy.

16 March 2013


Well,to start of,lately I'm getting a bit busy,so I got no time to update anything...so,this time I'm going to talk about Athletics

Well,I'm going to represent my school and I can't wait for it.. I hope I can repeat what I did for my primary school but a little bit better,maybe some improvement..Well,I already bought a spike,thanks o my dad,it has boost my confident.Well,I hope I can do my best,and make my mum and dad proud.

So,wish me the best..Thank youu..

16 February 2013

Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake is a trending now,taking over youtube,just like Oppa Gangnam Style.Everyone is making a cover of it.Just look search it on Youtube. There's thousand of thousands of video about it.I didn't really know much about this until last week.So,enjoy the video.I wish I can record it...well...

15 February 2013

Why Do I Blog?

Well,I like blogging, when something came into my head,I,automatically want to write it up but it has a limit, because simply I'm lazy. Some people ,maybe asking,why do I like blogging so much? Well,that question will be answer .

Well, I like it so much because as to me,I like to share things rather than just keeping it just to me.Also I'm a talkative person,so,I have a lot of things to talk/tell about. I also like it as it can fill my free time when I'm browsing internet,at least there's something to do rather then getting bored. Then,I can improve my English as well.

So,there I have answered the question...Hope you enjoy it.

13 February 2013


Failure doesn't mean that you will fail forever.Never assume that failing once mean that you will fail forever. Failure will teach you to work even harder and you will learn from your mistakes.Then,you will be keen not to repeat the same mistake. Even if you fall 100 times,you have to stand up and continue and keep continue until you reach your goal.So,never thought that you would fail forever.

8 February 2013


February?Time flies very,very fast.Maybe a bit late,already 8 days into February,but still,better late than never. Well,in this month,we will have a weekend of school because of Chinese New Year. Then,on 17th of February,guess what, it's my youngest brother birthday,he will be turning 5 by that.Well,only 6 month until August,worth a wait,haha.

Well,nothing much to say really about this month.So.I hope you had a good day and my last hope,please be nice to me,February.

26 January 2013


Hmm,politic...politic... Well,I was trying to find something to share about but As I was thinking about it, then dad gave me an idea to write about politic.Well,I'm not a political followers,so don't ask me a political question.

Okay,let's start.Politics is the process and decision making to a group. Although it is commonly used to refer to the government, political behavior can also be found in the corporate, academic, religious, and other institutions.

Well,a political party is a political organization that typically aims to attain and maintain political power within government, usually by participating in electoral campaigns, educational outreach or protest actions. The often support stated ideology or vision that is supported by a written platform with specific goals, forming a federation between different interests.

Hmm,whatever has happened,I wish and hope that current politic doesn't effect my future and my generation.